Erin Fuller: Art Director/Designer




12 Sycamores
American Players Theatre
Appleton Coated Paper
Aura Cacia
Bailey's Screen Printing
The Bruce Company
Big Water Coffee
Buffalo Wild Wings
Duluth Trading Company
Envision IT
EM Swanson Events
Frontier Co-Op
Furthermore Beer
High Noon Saloon
Jersey Mike's Subs
Just Coffee Co-Op
Kline's Greenhouse
LeAnn Rimes
Magnificent Living Institute
New Pig
Renaissance Farm
Simply Organic
Spring Green Chamber of Commerce
Spring Green General Store
The Shed
The Shitty Barn
Victoria Sterling
Wisconsin Riverside Resort
Wolf Family/Old Hickory Smokehouse
Yahara Guitars

I'm a music-loving/playing, senior art director, design director, award-winning designer, feminist, traveler, interior design guru, DIYer, curious-minded, type-loving, independent Aries mama.

Been hustling in the advertising and design industry for 18 years. Dedicated and hell-bent on doing great work, pushing boundaries, driving creative and captivating solutions for passionate brands and companies. I am devoted to defying long-held, antiquated stereotypes, gender and cultural bias in advertising and strive to represent gender, age and cultural diversity in every project. 

Side hustle(s):
Having a deep affection for music gives me a creative itch to scratch outside of of design. I flew my freak flag high as a legit band nerd in high school and music major in college before switching over to art. Nowadays this affection takes form of my band, Building on Buildings (and my lovely vintage 1962 Gibson ES 125 TDC that smells like an old library book and plays like velvet). 

Besides playing in a band, my love for live music also sparked the idea of starting a live music venue in a small, progressive village outside of Madison with a few other like-minded music loving friends. This became The Shitty Barn. I was a founder, co-producer and design director for the venue that has consistently sold out seasons for the past 9 years.

Beyond music, I'm a home renovator and interior design nut. Full geek-out can be seen in all it's glory on my vintage home centric instagram account here.


• Featured in Print's Regional Design Annual

• Featured on Oh Beautiful Beer

• Featured on Design Work LIfe

• 1 Minute With Interview

• 2012 WMC Fest Blog Interview

• 1 of 20 Designers to be featured at the 2012 Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

• Featured in GOOD's list of  Designing Women: 25 Female Designers and Illustrators We Love

• Featured on Eight Hour Day's Blog

• Artist of the Week on  VAU Indie Bag's online "Vlog"

• 2009 Silver ADDY for In Acting Shakespeare

• Winner of The Spring Green Area Art's Coalition Logo Design Contest

That's what they said:
"The Graphics:
Aran - With my art background, I had a natural desire for Furthermore's visual identity to look as though it came right off the gallery wall. I would have to give a lot of credit to Erin Fuller of Erin Fuller Graphics When we were doing our graphic pow-wows, Erin would often describe images that I liked as looking more like a wine label or more like Soviet propaganda than a beer label. Chris - We spent lots of time talking with Erin about what we wanted. She showed us what we said we wanted and then showed us what she thought we should have. Wow, did we suck and wow, is she ever awesome. Print Magazine honored her work in their annual design review. We’re perhaps better known for our graphics than for our beer. Two elements of the design are relatively constant, the red circle with the "F" and the use of the arrow. The arrow is, to us, indicative of movement, of progress, of direction. It is a mandate."
- Furthermore Beer, interview: A Perfect Pint

"I am so happy that we are working with you. As I see the packaging coming together I feel that you know what I want more that I do. I've never really been satisfied with our logo/marketing/branding (mainly because our business and ideas have gone in so many directions and we are just now focusing our efforts). Now everytime I look at it, it feels "right". I now feel the outside matches the quality of the product on the inside. Thanks for being so great!!!" 
- Danielle Ewalt, Owner Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters

You nailed it.

- Beth Swanson, EM Swanson Events

"Your spare, elegant style reflects a real grip on the art of the matter. So much computer-generated design churned out now lacks this grip." 
- Carol Sommers, Lower Wisconsin River Road

"Erin has been a great pleasure to work with! Often we come to her with a limited amount of creative foundational items from which to start a project with and she delivers a crisp, clean and creative result each time! Erin is inspired, thoughtful in her designs, and always willing to accommodate client design requests/changes in a quick and appropriate manner. We have designed both print and web materials with Erin, and with these numerous projects she has shown her ability to easily navigate among both mediums.” 
- Jennifer Jackl, Envision IT

“Erin is a gifted designer and creative problem-solver. She has the rare talent of being able to translate complex marketing messages into eye-appealling, visual design. From print design to website design to user interfaces for custom applications, Erin brings beautiful order to our marketing projects.” 
- Sarah Branflick, Branflick Consulting

"Your work for Furthermore is terrific!! My "collection" of your work is rather modest; a six-pack, some bottles and coasters. But I think they are treasures."
- Steve Katrosits, Former UW- Eau Claire Art Department Chair, Fine Artist